Friday, January 6, 2012

Giveaway Winner//Wedding Gorgeousness

Thank you to all who entered the Heartfish Press Giveaway! I was so inspired by where you all would put the print, and am so happy you all love it as much as I do.

After several entries, I used a Random number sorter (and had my co-worker/photographer extraordinare) stand by to make sure it was perfect.

The winner is...

 Carly from A Simple Affair!

Congrats Carly! I can't wait to see how you style the piece. Please email me so I can have the print sent to you.

Now that it's Friday, and we've all survived the first week of 2012, I have to leave you with the most amazing wedding videos I've ever seen. My Australian co-worker got married over the Holidays and sent us three videos. While I've seen some wedding vignettes, I've never cried at them.

Seriously. You should have seen me -- I was a basket case in my cube with Kleenex, just weeping at how happy they are. And. she has generously allowed me to share them with you (thanks Laura)!

There are three in total, and they were all shown at different times.

1. The Proposal. Played right before the bride and groom entered the reception.

2. The Grandparents. Played during dessert.

3. The Wedding. An edited version of the ceremony and reception. Tears. Everywhere.

I hope you all cry (a good cry!) from these, and that you feel inspired to have such videos on your special day. Or if you have, I hope they always bring you happy memories.

Have a great weekend! xo


sampenner said...

About to watch them now- I love wedding videos! These look so creative.

Have a great weekend Julia!



Ashley {styleash} said...

I love wedding films (much better than a typical home video). These were great, thanks for sharing!

Lisa Marie said...

You were tear jerker. I don't even know them and I totally sobbed my way through. Their love seems so pure and their story was very touching. They are very lucky!! Congratulations Laura & Mossy!

Thank you for sharing!!


Lisa Marie

sara @ the hudson diaries said...

I seriously just BAWLED. Thanks for sharing sister!