Wednesday, May 2, 2012

signature style

Two shows that I can watch over and over again are, Madmen and Sex and the City. Not only do the actors portray the characters brilliantly, but also the costume design is like none other. 

We all know that the fashion from SATC was out of control amazing, and extremely expensive. However, the one thing Patricia Field's really focused on was having re-occurring items. 

Like the Carrie Necklace. 

Didn't it make you feel like Carrie's lifestyle was accessible, if even for a second? 

Madmen is also doing this with Joan's Pen necklace. 


I like to think of these items as signature items. Pieces that you think about when you think of the character. 

I'm still defining my style, but the one thing that I cherish the most is my vintage jewelry collection from my Grandmother. All classic, and timeless pieces that I treasure.

What is your signature item?


Landi Lausen said...

What pretty pieces, Julia!! I love that bird pendant necklace & your gold knot earrings!

Michelle said...

I don't have one but I feel like I need one!! Still searching....

Jess said...

What beautiful, irreplaceable jewelry! It's crazy too, because so many of those pieces are coming back into style. The gold knot earrings and green bangle are gorgeous.

My signature item are my Tiffany's pearls. My boyfriend got them for me for our first Christmas, and I wear them all the time. (At least three times a week, easily.) A good pair of authentic pearls will last a lifetime.

Viviana said...

I hadn't even noticed Joan's pen necklace! But it's so true. And your collection of vintage pieces is stunning!

Susan said...

Ahh the Carrie necklace. Always wanted one! I always wear two rings, they never come off. That and I used to wear my grandpa's watch. Everyone knew and it was really special. I love all of those vintage pieces! Lucky gal!

Morgan Stone said...

Those are gorgeous pieces you have there! I can't believe I've never noticed Joan's pen necklace. I just squeezed the first four seasons into a 2 month timeframe so maybe it was just Mad Men fashion overload on my brain. I'll keep an eye out for it now!

Alexa said...

Love little gold accents, bracelets and necklaces.

The Now said...

I had a little gold bracelet that I didn't take off for two years and it just broke. Must get it fixed...I feel naked. hah xoox Elizabeth

DKN Digital said...

I see your jewelry made it :)

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