Tuesday, November 20, 2012

thanks. but not really.

(yes, I'm still laughing b/c I genuinely think this is high-larious)

One of my blogger besties, and real life besties (true story -- we talk like all day), Christin posted this insanely funny and truthful, sarcastic, thank you post. 

I nearly died laughing, and just hadddd to re-blog it. I don't know if that's  thing, but just roll with it. 

Highlights of things to be "thankful" for...

 ...instagram because, let’s face it, no one’s life is as cool as it is on instagram.
...the super powered radiator in the building that heats our apartment to the temperature of a tropical rainforest. #itstoohot

Now go show my fave girl some love.

What are you not-Thankful for?


The Now said...

aww what a sweet post. THe tropical rainforest one was good. She is hysterical!!


Taylor said...

haha heading over right now. and love the t.hanks :)


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