Wednesday, August 28, 2013

let's get real.

Let's chat, ladies (and gents if you read this)...


That word that you hear on the reg, and you are sort of intimidated by, but secretly want to try (or already have). I'll be honest, I sort of laughed at everyone doing cleanses because this is how I see it playing out:

Girl: I'm so excited to do a cleanse.
Friend: Why?
Girl: To reset my body and lose weight. You know like all the celebs are doing them.
Friend: Good luck.

(1 week later)

Friend: How did the cleanse go?
Girl: It was okay, but I drank all weekend and gained the weight back so I'm not sure it was worth it. 
Friend: Interesting. 

I know everyone and their mother are juicing right now, or claiming to juice. Cleanses are an extension of this juicing phenomenon, and I just need more information.  Have you cleansed? Do you want to cleanse? Talk to me! I think it's a good idea, but my gut reaction is that a cleanse = going to the bathroom A LOT. 


Sheri Ann || Sprinkles and Style said...

I've done the BluePrint cleanse several times now. While I didn't mind the taste of any of the juices, I started to miss the act of chewing food. But other than that, it really isn't that bad. I've only done a 3-day cleanse and never for the sole purpose of losing weight (it's just water weight anyway). I did it to reset my body and flush out toxins after a vacation, the holidays, or a couple months of not making the healthiest of choices. If you have the discipline, I say go for it!

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

I've personally never done them before but a bunch of people at my work have. One girl always raves about how good she feels after she does them. She doesn't do them to lose weight, only to flush out the toxins in her system. Everyone who does them does say it's best to do them when you are busy so you don't think about how hungry you are. I really don't think I would able to do it since I feel like a drink would never fill me up.